About Group Training

Group Training is a training and employment arrangement where an organisation, known as a Group Training Organisation or GTO, employs apprentices and trainees under an Apprenticeship / Traineeship Training Contract and places them with host employers.

A GTO assumes the employer responsibilities for the quality and continuity of the apprentices’ and trainees’ employment and training. The GTO also manages the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

Benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship / Traineeship through Group Training:

  • You get paid while you learn;
  • Your training may be eligible for government subsidy;
  • You will not be unemployed if work with a particular host employer runs out as because you are employed by the GTO who will find you another placement to continue your apprenticeship / traineeship;
  • You have the flexibility to rotate host employers;
  • Your wage and allowances are paid by the GTO in accordance to Awards and other agreements;
  • All of the administration and government paperwork is handled by the GTO;
  • Your training is arranged by the GTO;
  • Your safety equipment will be provided to you by the GTO before you start work;